Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Boot from USB Toshiba C55-A5104 Solved...

Boot from USB  Toshiba C55-A5104/A5105 Solved...

These computer models wwere supplied  with EFI boot support only so there is no way to boot from a regular booteable USB or CD. The Legacy or CSM boot option does not exist on the BIOS

How to fix this issue.

1. Download the ISO file and burn it in a blank CD/DVD.
2. Turn on the computer and press f12 to show boot menu
3. put the optical media (cd/dvd) in the optical drive.
4. In the Boot menu select DVD drive.
5. A black screen with command will appear.
6. Type the command flash and press enter, let the process to finish computer will turn off after finish.
7. Turn on the computer and press f2 to get in to the BIOS. now in boot options you will have EFI and  CSM Support.

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  1. I have my late son's computer. A Toshiba C55. I do not have his password. How do I get to settings without a password? I would like to give his computer to his sister. Thanks!!!