Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Reset an Archos Tablet

To enter into the Recovery screen

  - Turn off the device and wait 10 seconds.
  - Press and hold the volume + button while powering on the device.
  - Keep the volume + pressed until the Recovery mode starts (white screen).
  - To move from one Go to this web page to see the latest on-line version of this manual.  use the volume buttons. To select an option, press the ON/OFF button.

Recovery mode options

No: Cancels the system recovery.
Update firmware: Allows you to connect your device to a computer in order to copy the latest .AOS file (operating system) to your device and then install it.
Repair System
: Attempts to repair the file structure on the internal memory. This does not erase any data.
    No: Return to main recovery screen.
    Force Touch screen Calibration:
Select this, set your device down, start the calibration, and don't touch it. It will re-calibrate the screen.  After the calibration is complete, select No to leave the recovery screen.
    Check Disk: Check and repair the system partition if damaged.
    Start USB MSC: Allows you to connect your device to a PC to access the internal memory.
Format System: Formats the internal memory. All data (music, photos, videos, etc.), applications and settings are erased.

How to Recover Your Sony Tablet™ S to Factory Settings

  1. From the Home Screen, Click the apps drawer
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Privacy
  4. Tap Factory Data Reset
  5. You will be advised as to what data will be erased.
  6. If you select the “Erase USB Storage” option, any data that that you transferred like music, pictures, videos etc. will be erased.
  7. It is recommended to leave this option unchecked so your files will not be erased.
  8. Now, Tap Reset Tablet
  9. You will be prompted to confirm you want to restore the tablet.
  10. The tablet will go through the reset process which will just take a few minutes.
  11. Once the Factory Data Reset process is complete, you will see the first screen in the setup process which is “Choose Your Language”.
  12. Complete the setup of your tablet and you’ll be ready to go.

How to Restore Asus Eee Pad Slider to original system


There are 3 buttons on the side of the slider.
1. Labeled 'reset' in manual and is recessed.
2. Sound (+/-) to increase or decrease sound level.
3. Power Button to either turn off or put to sleep you slider depending on how long you hold it down.

Now comes the interesting part.

If you hold the Sound - button and hit the reset button you get an option.
The default if you do nothing is to cold boot into your android system.
The option is to push the Sound + and select Wipe Data and it will wipe your system.

The names of the buttons are in the manual but little else. In my playing around trying to install ICS I have found that every time I boot my system it come up in Clock work mode and I can't seem to get it to come up normal. If I do the Sound - and reset and boot to android it comes up normal.

The problem is I can't get the normal reboot to come up in the android system but it always comes up in the clock work mode.