Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to delete System Check (Fake Optimized)

System check: This is is a fake optimizer (virus)  that show a lot of system problems, thisis a dangerous virus, it can causes serious damaged in your system. This virus hide all user information  and delete the Start menu and programs, Sometime is dificult to repair the system without recovery.

In this post I will Show you how to remove this virus easy and free
Waht do you need:
  • The MS-DOS program R-kill, Download  here
  • User with Admin permission.
  • Internet Access to dowload th file.
  1. Download the program from Internet and unzip the file. if you can't access to internet download the file from another computer and put it in a USB , unzip the file into usb and connect the usb to the computer.
  2. Now we need to kill the process of virus running. to do it run the program wait for a few minutes until the process finish, it will show a text file log after the process finish.
  3. Go to Mi PC, press F10 this show menu bar, then select Tools then Folder Options in the dialog box select tab View and selec the option Show Folders,files and drives and uncked the three box below of this option.
  4. Clic on Ok button
  5. Now go to the path C:\ProgramData\ and go to the bottom of the folder, you will see something like this. see the picture
  6. Now delete the three files marked in yellow and the two files(.dll) with the same name of the virus.(Press Shift+Delete to delete permanently.
  7.  Go to the step 3, in view tab click in restore default to hide system files.
  8. Now go to Control panel, start menu will be hiden. go to start menu in find box type control then press enter 
  9. in Security Option find Backup your computer, then click in "Recovery system setting or your computer", then open "System restore and backup" follow instruction and restore the system to the previous point.
  10. If it doesn't work your system is really bad and you will need perform a Full system recovery

How to install Programs direct from internet free

There are many programas and utilities that youc an install direc from internet, just clic in 
Select the programs that you want to install and follow clic on Get installed

How to have all Windows functions in One Clic

To have all windows options in one clic, go to desktop windows and press right clic button, select new then Folder, change the name for this (copy and paste) "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" without quotes, press Enter.
You will see something like this

That's it, all windows function in one click.

Computer's reapir Manuals Free

Here is a lot of repair manuals for computers  brands: Acer,gateway,Toshiba,Dell,HP,Lenovo,Asus,Packardbell...

Hard Restet Tablet Kyros Coby


  1. Turn off the  Tablet.
  2. Press the and hold the back button and power button until debug mode appear.
  3. Then with the volume button Select wipe factory data 
  4. Whit the back button select the option wipe factory data reset.
  5. Wait when the process finish restart the unit, and ready

How to flash the BIOS of Acer Aspire one 10.1

  1. Download the BIOS update from the Acer Site.
  2. unzip the file and go to the folder  dos-flash.
  3. Change the name of the file 3310.fd for zg51a32.fd.
  4. Format the usb in FAT format. and copy the files from the folder dos-flash.
  5. Connect the usb at the pc and press and hold  Fn+Esc + power button until the usb led begin to flash wait until the process finish and ready that's it

How to test my internet speed

If you want to know what is the real speed of your internet connection. go
then clic in begin test.

Also can know what is yout ip address too.