Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to bypass security code in samsung kids tablet

How to perform a factory reset on this kids tablet when,  "Power + Vol up + Home"  reset fail or doesn't go trough, and tablet is pass-code locked/stuck in child mode and you have no longer access to the regular system.

Samsung Galaxy tab 3 kids
Model: SM-T2105

If you feel frustrated Don't worry, try this magic trick:

1- Turn it off , then turn it on and when booting up... ( see screen below)

2-  As soon as you see lock screen pull down the notification bar  and then tap in the setting gear icon ( it has to be done right away in 1 or 1.5 second)

3 - After tap on the setting icon wait for 3 or 4 second until the screen setting appear ; at this point you have unrestricted access to the settings like in regular mode, then just navigate trough the settings and perform factory reset

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to perform a Full System Recovery Toshiba Computers

When windows 7/8/10 fail to start up, and there is no way to fix the problem the last solution is perform a Full System Recovery, the question is "How do I get into Recovery mode from Boot" or what is the magic key to put the system in recovery mode.

The following procedure works for windows 7 to 10, the example was done in a  Toshiba Model CL45 running  Windows 10.

Lets take a look at these guide:

 1-) Turn off the computer the see the picture below.

2-) If it doesn't go to show this message repeat step one until you see this rectangular message, then
     select Yes.

3-) Select the option below.

4-) See the picture below, Don't select  "TOSHIBA Maintenance Utility", this option is to format the hard drive (erase the entire disk).

That's it

Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to Boot from USB Lenovo Y50-70

In this post we are going to sow how to change UEFI-BIOS setting to allow USB boot, in this case we are using Lenovo Y50-70 Gaming Computer.

Graphic Guide:

1-)  Turn on the PC and Press F2.

2-) Go to Security Tab and follow instructions.

3-) Go to Boot Tab and follow instructions.

4-) After pressing F10 Computer is going to restart, assuming that the USB is already connected to the PC right away Press F12 to go to Boot Menu

5-) Look for the USB in Boot Devices List

To restore default UEFI-BIOS setting, repeat the step one, then press F9 to restore default settings and then F10 to save changes...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How do I change Office 2016 language to spanish

How to convert office 2016 Home Student/Business from English to Spanish, here is the solution
There is a language pack for office 2016, that needs to be installed in order to make Office 2016 multi language, in this case English/Spanish

  1. Download the file from HERE, once its downloaded.
  2. Double Click to install it, when Install is completed.
  3. Open Excel or Word then Click of File =>Options=>Language.
  4. Under "Choose Editing Language" select Spanish and then Click on "Set as default" button. 
  5. Click Ok, restart the program and it will be in Spanish.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to find and remove malware manually without antivirus

When computers get viruses/adware/malware, sometimes anti-malware/anti-spyware/antivirus or whatever utility used to clean the clean them, they ignore or don't detect some threats (like adware still present in the web browser even if web browsers have been cleaned and set to default settings)

for those ghost process that we don't know where are they running from

I have created this script to get a detailed process report of all running process, including: name,location (path) and command-line used to run, using this tool is easy to detect hidden threats and the remove them manually

Here is the code

  1. Copy the code and paste it in the notepad
  2. Click on Menu File then Save as, choose the location where to save it, in File Name: type ListProcess.bat, then in Save as type: Selec All files then Click on Save
  3. Locate the script and double click to run.
  4. Enjoy

 @echo off
 color 0b
 Title Process CmdLine Execution Path
 setlocal EnableDelayedexpansion
 echo  ****************************************************
 echo  *        Process Report, by gvalvaro v. 2015       *
 echo  ****************************************************
 echo     How would you like to get the Report
 echo         HTML Report Press 1
 echo         Text Report Press 2
 set /p response=
 if "%response%"=="" set response=1

 if "%response%"=="1" (
     wmic /output:%TEMP%\pro_log.html process get description,commandline,executablepath /format:HFORM
     start %TEMP%\pro_log.html
 if "%response%"=="2" (
     wmic process get description,commandline,executablepath /format:list>>Log.txt
     start log.txt
 echo  ****************************************************
 echo     Press any Key to exit
 if exist %TEMP%\pro_log.html del %TEMP%\pro_log.html
 if exist log.txt del log.txt
 del null

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ASUS T100 CHI Keyboard issue windows 10 (Solved)

This netbook/tablet comes with windows 8.1 32 bit , when it  upgrade to windows 10 official build 10240, the keyboard dock  doesn't get connected via Bluetooth, even downloading windows 10 drivers updates directly from Asus support page.

Here  is the solution I have found so far

In November Microsoft  released  a new build of windows 10 ( build 10586)
Upgrading the previous windows 10 build 10240 to this new version fix the issue,the update can be done via windows updates,ISO or clean install via USB, this new version let users to perform a clean install from windows 7/8/8.1/10 and then use the OEM key to activate it, there is no longer required to upgrade from windows.

the update can be downloaded via windows updates, not sure if its still available to download the ISO via media creation tool, but I have heard that there is no longer available using this method.

Hope this post can help someone who is dealing with this issue....

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Where to find DESKTOP ICON SETTINGS in Windows 10

If you are having hard time trying to find where "DESKTOP ICON SETTINGS" are located in windows 10, this information in right  for you.

Check this out