Saturday, December 19, 2015

How to perform a Full System Recovery Toshiba Computers

When windows 7/8/10 fail to start up, and there is no way to fix the problem the last solution is perform a Full System Recovery, the question is "How do I get into Recovery mode from Boot" or what is the magic key to put the system in recovery mode.

The following procedure works for windows 7 to 10, the example was done in a  Toshiba Model CL45 running  Windows 10.

Lets take a look at these guide:

 1-) Turn off the computer the see the picture below.

2-) If it doesn't go to show this message repeat step one until you see this rectangular message, then
     select Yes.

3-) Select the option below.

4-) See the picture below, Don't select  "TOSHIBA Maintenance Utility", this option is to format the hard drive (erase the entire disk).

That's it

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